Sixteen teams of heroes braved the cold to battle in the first official Conqueror’s Blade League tournament of 2023, and the results are now in. Who stands triumphantly at the mountain’s summit, leaving a trail of noble warriors in their wake? It’s time to find out.

We would like to extend a massive thank you to our tournament partners at TGS Esports for producing fantastic, thrilling Twitch streams and for coordinating the CBL: Winter League 2023 tournament. Highlights are available on Twitch if you want to get up to speed on the coverage!

Additionally, thank you to all our teams, shoutcasters, and the thousands of Conqueror’s Blade players who tuned in to cheer on their favourite teams on Twitch. We hope you were well and truly entertained, and we look forward to inviting you to join us for the next instalment of the Conqueror’s Blade League!

A special mention goes out to ZOO, one of our sixteen teams with players based in Turkey, which, as well as Syria, was struck by earthquakes on February 6. In times like these, gaming and its communities can be a crucial means of support. Thank you to the Conqueror’s Blade community for the solidarity, warmth, patience, and support you showed Zoo and all players affected by these tragic events.


Congratulations to PLEBs, a long-standing team with countless battles under their belts, including this latest astounding achievement. They were spearheaded by their captain Templeshot, who led the following heroes to victory in the CBL: Winter League 2023:




KickerTsesu BuminnKagan PLEBsHYTA
Centre DunkelKagan WinkroKagan
mxnu KickerFlinN Vasectomieqt
Balthasar Javamoul BirdOfQin
slideqt XiaolingxuOB-1  


The mighty SerfSlayer just missed out on the top spot, but nevertheless fought valiantly and beat out the other teams to secure second place. They were led by their captain MaskFlameZ, who led the following heroes in the CBL: Winter League 2023:



Ripcats IamShan RoxorHD
KhorneBerserker Esponja TinJev
Lex DrYoda xHOHO
Khublai FDSLight RobertDeSable
oP Cytonik  


NOBEACHES put up an incredible fight to secure third place in the CBL: Winter League 2023. Led by their captain MadShin, they consist of the following heroes:

Iyoku instinct Generalreap
Ghostex Fly Hunter
Actuel Daidepoule Jekkt
Gued Sicko Onyx
Hydra Zenga Zarvan
Ups Galahad  


Congratulations to all our other participants, including Apes, Gum Faction, Royal Legion, Kebabs, Love and Devotion, ZOO, Admin, Pond Guard, German Unit, Odyssey, SNG, Odin’s Legion, and Argonautes. Thank you for making this a tournament to remember!

For details about prizes, please consult our Tournament Rules.

If you have any feedback about this tournament, please share it with our team via the Conqueror's Blade Discord so we can use it to inform and shape the future of esports in Conqueror’s Blade.

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