Let the Gladiator Games begin in Conqueror’s Blade: Colosseum, the new Season now available as a free update! Rise as a champion of the Colosseum in a brand-new 6v6 game mode, fight through the ranks in a new Seasonal Campaign, unlock Units inspired by Roman gladiators, and enjoy special launch events throughout September.

The Colosseum Battle Pass is now available to buy in-game, and from MY.GAMES Market (via the MGLauncher) and Steam, with the Gladiator Champion Hero Attire granted as an instant unlock.

Colosseum Mode

Enter the fray in the brand-new Colosseum mode, inspired by the gladiator battles of Ancient Rome! Fight in ferocious 6v6 battles armed with only two respawns, one piece of artillery, and your own Units. Lead the greatest gladiators in the world to glory in this new arena, and brave the trials and tribulations of combat before a cheering crowd.

Learn more about the gameplay and design of Colosseum mode, then experience the spectacle for yourself today!

Gladiator Units

Three new Seasonal Units inspired by Ancient Roman gladiators will be available to unlock via Unit Challenges throughout the Season, with each bringing unique tactics and shifting power dynamics to the Colosseum:

  • Dimachaeri (3-Star)Available Now: A staple of the Colosseum’s brutal battles, these gladiators are armed with two blades, which they deftly use to defend and attack.
  • Myrmillones (4-Star)Coming September 12: Trained from a young age, these fighters excel at combat and breaking down enemy defences with their sword and shield combo. Advance with their Myrmillones' Guard mechanic to usher enemies to their doom and seize the advantage!
  • Retiarii (5-Star)Coming October 3: The undisputed champions of the Colosseum. They wield javelins and tridents, excellent mobility, and a secret curse.

Battle Pass: Exclusive Free & Premium Rewards

The Colosseum has opened, and many rewards inspired by the immortal reputation of Ancient Rome are yours to earn in the Battle Pass! Over 100 levels of Free and Premium rewards can be claimed by completing Seasonal Challenges, earning Glory, and levelling up during the season. Equip your new gladiator allies in the Equites Unit Attire, and ride into the Colosseum atop a steed adorned with the Triumphant Leo Mount Set. At Tier 100 sits the ultimate trophy for any true gladiator—-the Centurion Hero Attire.

Gladiator Champion Hero Attire is available as an instant reward when you purchase the Battle Pass in-game for 1,000 Sovereigns, or from MY.GAMES Market (in the MGLauncher) or Steam. Conqueror’s Blade is a free-to-play game, and there are many exciting rewards to be earned on the Free Pass too.

Draw Blades from the Battle Pass to exchange in the Seasonal Store for weapon skins and revamped cosmetics not seen since Season IX: Tyranny!

Seasonal Campaign: Colosseum

Emperor Hadrianus has relaunched the Gladiator Games, a bloodsport that was once so popular amongst the citizens of the ancient Aquiline Empire. Now, heroes from the far reaches of the world contend for glory within the walls of the restored Colosseum.

Fight to survive in a new chapter inspired by Ancient Rome and its gladiators, and complete Challenges to claim rewards from the Battle Pass in the Seasonal Campaign.

Start your journey in either The Borderlands or Anadolou, then fight your way through five stages of the Campaign in Territory Wars every Tuesday and Saturday. The final battle at the end of the Season will be fought in Anliang (Capital of Maoyang).

Territory Wars

Territory Wars begin on September 6 and will be waged every Tuesday and Saturday throughout Colosseum. Participate in epic server-wide PvP battles which form the lion’s share of endgame content in Conqueror’s Blade.

Take part in Territory Wars by joining a player-controlled Free House or Alliance, or a Cohort (NPC-controlled House) and expand your empire by fighting alongside your fellow warlords via the ‘Battle’ interface or in the Open World to gain control of fiefs. For more information about Territory Wars, check out our top tips here.

Season Launch Sales

Begin your ascent to glory in Colosseum in style, with special launch sales now active in-game. Everything listed below is 30% off, so stock up on everything you’ll need to endure the trials of the greatest combat arena ever known.

  • Golden Key Bundle: Grab Golden Keys by the fistful, and pick up more every day for a week, available until September 8.
  • Consumable Bundles: Until September 29, you can pick up bundles like Expedition Supplies, Spoils of War, Master-at-Arms' Supplies, and more with 30% off!
  • Useful Items: Until September 21 you can snatch up bargains on Battle Relics, Honour Reset Tokens, Personal Storage Expansion, Horse Trough, Greater Scroll of Glorys, and more!
  • Mercenary Supplies: Load up on Bronze, Unit Medals, 10-Battle Unit XP Card, Expansion Permits, and Heroic Era Signaculum Boxes at a 30% discount—permanently!

Quality of Life Changes

We always strive to improve the Conqueror’s Blade experience with every new Season, and Colosseum is no exception, with new improvements to the user interface now available. Read up about every change in the patch notes before you start playing!

For those who are about to fight, we salute you. Download and play Conqueror’s Blade: Colosseum today!

For more information about the new Season, check out the latest patch notes. New to the game? Conqueror’s Blade is available to download and play for free from the official website and Steam. Get the latest Conqueror’s Blade news by subscribing to the official newsletter and connecting with us on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Discord.