Dimachaeri are powerful gladiators who wield two swords to bring the fight directly to their opponents. Unlock these born fighters in Conqueror’s Blade: Colosseum today via new Unit Challenges!


The Dimachaeri can be unlocked by completing Seasonal Unit Challenges, and come with a Seasonal Bonus in the form of Leadership requirements decreased by 10 points for the duration of the Season.


The Dimachaeri are gladiators deemed to be a crucial component of the Colosseum. They delight the baying crowds with their keen swordsmanship and battle techniques.

Able to use their straight blade and siccae swords to bash enemy shields aside before launching into a furious unblockable attack that dazes their foes, these gladiators are not to be trifled with.

Strengths & Weaknesses

This unit knows how to handle a fight like a pro, having spent enough time in the Colosseum honing an effective fighting style. Their attacks are mostly offensive, but they can also employ an acrobatic-style retreat to create distance between themselves and any pesky foe who dares to enter their zone.

The Dimachaeri do not possess shields, and are therefore exposed in ways the Myrmillones—their gladiator peers—are not. Defence is not their strong suit; they are best deployed for frontal assaults rather than holding areas or defending their leader.

Just the facts: Dimachaeri (3-Star)


  • Dispersed: The unit spreads out to avoid the effects of ranged attacks and artillery.
  • Hawk: The gladiators arrange themselves in a formation useful for launching a concentrated attack.

Unit Traits

  • Bread & Circuses: Leadership cost is reduced by 10 points while the Colosseum Season is active.
  • Nimble: Will quickly back away after attacking and maintain their distance from the enemy.
  • Bypass Block: Siccae swords can go around shields and deal damage that ignores Block. When using normal attacks, there is a chance the units will use its siccae sword.

Unit Orders

  • Siccae Lunge: Dimachaeri quickly unleash two unblockable siccae sword stabs, then pull back to maintain their distance.
  • Siccae Torrent: Upon engaging the enemy, Dimachaeri lunge at the enemy and unleash a powerful attack that deals a relatively large amount of damage and inflicts Dazed on soldiers. Afterwards, they unleash multiple powerful strikes.

The Dimachaeri are now available to unlock via Unit Challenges!

NOTE: The above information is correct as of the time of publication. Please check in-game for the most up-to-date Unit information.