Prove your mettle on the most prominent battlefield there is when Conqueror's Blade League: Winter War 2021 Tournament begins on December 6! Become part of the action as 16 teams of 15 players duke it out for prizes, pride, and the reverent title of Conqueror’s Blade Champions.

Registration is open now until November 22, so gather your allies and prepare to fight! For the pacifists among us, you can still catch all the action on Twitch where we'll be hosting critical matches like the Finals ⁠— so don’t miss out!

Signing up via the registration form does not guarantee entry to the CBL: Winter War 2021 Tournament. Participation in the tournament must be earned during the play-in period (November 12-22). During this time, matchmaking wins from Siege and Ranked Battles by all registered teams will be tracked, and the teams with the most victories will secure entry to the tournament. Regardless of when you sign up during the registration period, your wins will be checked for the entire play-in duration.

The top four teams from the CBL: Fall Fight 2021 Tournament will receive automatic invitations to compete without needing to participate in the play-in process.

Only one team can be the victor and claim exclusive prizes, as well as the opportunity to battle on a global scale against the winners of a Tournament hosted by Booming Tech in January (more details coming soon)!


  • REGISTER: Click here to sign up for the CBL: Winter War 2021 Tournament
  • RULES: Check out the full tournament rules here
  • SERVER: GAMES Tournament Server
  • TEAMS: 16 teams of 15 players each (+ five substitutes)
  • REGIONS: All regions supported by MY.GAMES are eligible to enter
  • GAMEPLAY: Siege Battle, Field Battle


  • November 12: Tournament registration opens
  • November 12: Play-in period begins (00:01 UTC)
  • November 22: Tournament registration closes
  • November 22: Play-in period ends (23:59 UTC). The qualifying teams will be verified and announced on November 23 via Discord and Twitter.
  • December 6, 7, 8, 10: Round 1 (eight matches)
  • December 13-14: Round 2 (four matches)
  • December 15: Round 3 (two matches)
  • December 17: Round 4 (3rd Place Match + Finals)
  • December 22: Tournament round-up and winners announced


Tune in to Conqueror’s Blade on Twitch for match coverage and commentary across the entire tournament!


Tune in to the CBL: Winter War 2021 Tournament on Twitch to receive exclusive CBL Twitch Drops! Stay tuned for more info.