The Kheshigs have been a mainstay in your builds since their release in Season II: Wrath of the Nomads, but if you haven’t unlocked them already, you can test the mettle of this newly-improved 5-Star cavalry force with a free 7-Day Kheshigs Contract. Check your in-game mail to receive this contract, and rally the defenders of the Great Khan to your own army!

The Kheshigs have been adjusted and improved in Season IX: Tyranny and are now more ferocious in battle than ever! Their “Heroic Charge” Skill now has two components, where the first part is “Heroic Charge” and the second is “Turn and Charge”, meaning they can deal more damage and take more punishment than before.

They’ve also been granted a brand-new skill: “Sabre Combo”.

  • Sabre Combo: This Skill can be used passively (the Kheshigs launch a series of attacks) and actively (the Unit attacks fiercely for five seconds while taking reduced ranged damage, but suffer from reduced attack for ten seconds following this frenzied assault).

Special Event: Nomads’ Revenge

As part of the Nomads’ Revenge event, you can travel back to a bygone era of nomadic warriors by easily completing Season II Challenges and unlocking Units first introduced in Season II: Wrath of the Nomads!

From November 11 (10:00 CET/10:00 server time) to November 25 (23:59 CET/until maintenance), Season II Challenges will cost 50% less to pay off (in-game only), so you can finish off those pesky quests with ease.

The Kheshigs War Bundle is also available to purchase in-game and from MY.GAMES Market and includes three mighty Sons of the Steppes Units to recruit, plus a special Avatar:

  • Servants of the Khan Challenge Bundle: Permanently unlock one of the following 3-Star Units: Namkhan Archers, Selemchid Cavalry, or Khorchins.
  • Sons of the Steppes Challenge Bundle: Permanently unlock one of the following 4-Star Units: Tseregs or Khevtuul Cavalry.
    Kheshigs Challenge Tokens: Permanently unlock the 5-Star Kheshigs Unit.
  • Kheshigs Avatar: Show off your nomadic roots with this themed avatar.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT purchase this bundle if you have already unlocked the Kheshigs Unit.