In a world where the Borderlands have been overrun by the evil tyrant’s brutal regime, raise an army of rebels to oppose this new evil with three brand-new Seasonal Units coming to Season IX: Tyranny! Today, we’ll be looking at the second of these new Units, a band of everyday people forced to take up arms: the Axe Raiders (4-Star).

Civilians often have to answer the call of war in history, whether by conscription, enlistment, or in this Unit’s case - survival.

In the wake of a famine wrought by a diabolical tyrant, armies rose across the lands from the most unlikely of places. Some members of this troop chose to follow the tyrant, while others became mercenaries, with no choice but to fight for their livelihoods. The Axe Raiders, humble people of farming and woodcutting backgrounds, repurposed the tools of their trade to become a formidable fighting force against the new evil spreading through the Borderlands.

Utilising their axes as even deadlier weapons capable of piercing armour and impeccable self-defence, these improbable soldiers will use every skill in their arsenal to deter the bandits and defend their food and lives.

Raise a rebellion in Conqueror’s Blade when Season IX: Tyranny launches on September 28.