Very little is known about the ancient Druid people and their rituals, but you can attempt to contact the spirit world as they once did with a collection of enchanting items, available now from MY.GAMES Market.

From now until September 8 (end-of-day server time in-game and 23:59 CEST on MY.GAMES Market), you can begin your druidic journey with these magical Hero and Unit Attires, Banner, and the comprehensive Seidr Grove Bundle!


Seidr Grove Bundle

(In-game and MY.GAMES Market)


● 1x Year Two Banner

● 1x Skogrseidr Unit Attire

● 1x Seidr Druid Mount Set

● 1x Seidr Druid Hero Attire

● 1x "Nature’s Blessing" Emote

● 1x "Skogg the Mystic" Avatar


Seidr Druid Hero Attire

(MY.GAMES Market only)


Skogrseidr Unit Attire

(MY.GAMES Market only)



Seidr Druid Mount Set

(MY.GAMES Market only)



Year Two Banner

(MY.GAMES Market only)


Note: everything but the Year Two Banner can only be purchased once.

Get your holistic hands on these Druidic-themed items until September 8!