Free Scriptorium Banner and 40% Savings on Consumables until September 1!


Do your units need a morale boost? Perhaps they feel underdressed when they head into battle, and it’s affecting their fighting prowess? Well, now you can fly the Scriptorium Banner above your troops for free!

Pick up the free Scriptorium Banner until September 1 from MY.GAMES Market, and if you need to pick up a few more flags for your Units, you can buy extra Banners from the in-game store and on MY.GAMES Market, too!

40% off Consumables

Improve your inventory with 40% off consumables until September 1 (23:59 server time)! Get your mitts on the following handy discounted Consumables from the in-game store and via MY.GAMES Market:

Vault Key

Personal Storage Expansion

10-Battle Hero XP Card

Green Hair Dye (Permanent)

10-Battle Unit XP Card

Golden Hair Dye (Permanent)

Expansion Permit

Pink Hair Dye (Permanent)

Unit Training Plan

Blue Hair Dye (Permanent)

Cross-region Migration Token

Red Hair Dye (Permanent)

Martial Arts Manuscript

Purple Hair Dye (Permanent)

Personal History

Silver Hair Dye (Permanent)

Horse Trough

Logistics Charter

New Identity Document

House Renewal Charter

Scribal Service


Note: The 40% discount will become active in-game after maintenance on August 26.