We recently asked you to flex your composition muscles and write up a Tiny Tyrants comic themed around Season VIII: Dynasty and/or the Sun Dragon Festival for our talented artist to create, and a few scripts really stood out!

Your wonderful writing has been judged, and we can now reveal our winners!

1st Prize

Junker - “Best Friend”

Junker’s comic tells the story of a Warlord who is curiously close to their weapon. Inspired by Full Metal Jacket and taking place during the Sun Dragon Festival, make sure you check back soon to see their story come to life in the next Tiny Tyrants comic!

2nd Prize

Payidar - “The Real Celebration”

Payidar takes us to the Sun Dragon Festival, where a few celebrating Warlords are hitting a dragon pinata when suddenly the real Sun Dragon appears! Jumping into a battle stance, they prepare to fight, until it is revealed that their prankster friend Pike was behind this all along, as he falls from the dragon model.

3rd Prize

xfireflyx - “Dragon Dance”

We return to the Sun Dragon Festival, where our Warlords are preparing for a dance contest. The Dragon Dance Team put on an incredible show in their long red dragon costume, with an explosive ending! A flamethrower spews fire out of the Dragon’s mouth and fireworks illuminate the sky of Hao Jing. What a celebration!

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who entered! The full scripts can be seen on Discord, and the winning comic will be published in September.

Want the chance to win more amazing prizes? Check back soon for more creative contests!