Ready Player Sun: Gifts, Events, and Sales until September 15!

Plenty of fun in the sun!

Sun's out, fun's out! Enjoy limited-time events, free gifts, and special offers in Conqueror’s Blade this summer with MY.GAMES!

Stay cool with refreshing Ready Player Sun activities in Conqueror’s Blade, including daily quests, free gifts, new bundles, sign-in rewards, and more! Check out all the scorching-hot activities available through the Ready Player Sun event hub.

Summer Events

You’ll feel like you’re on a tropical island with the summery treats we have in store! Play Conqueror’s Blade between now and September 15 and take part in the following activities:

  • 15-day Login Event: Play Conqueror’s Blade throughout Ready Player Sun to collect daily rewards including War Stories, Ancient Treatises, Officer’s Supplies, and more!
  • Warden Quests: Complete daily and weekly quests from the Warden to earn Bronze, Honour, War Stories, and more.
  • Matchmaking Rewards: Pick up more Ancient Treatises through Matchmaking Battles, along with extra Unit Medals, Soldier’s Supplies, Bronze, and more.
  • Special Doctrine Event: Participate in Ready Player Sun events in Conqueror’s Blade to attain special Ancient Treatises. Exchange these unique Treatises with the War Scholar and increase your chance of receiving Epic Doctrines!

Ready Player Sun Bundle

There are plenty of hot deals in the Ready Player Sun sales on MY.GAMES Market, and in-game, so dust off the barbecue and get ready for some fun in the sun!

Pick up the Ready Player Sun Bundle from MY.GAMES Market to get your hands on an exclusive Avatar and Unit Banner, along with Hero and Unit XP Cards.

Free Banner

Fly high the flag of summer when you grab the Ready Player Sun Unit Banner for free! (You can also buy extras.)

New In-Game Bundles

We’re also treating players to new in-game bundles, filled with all the resources you need to find your own slice of paradise in Conqueror’s Blade.

  • Spoils of War: Along with an abundant supply of Unit Medals and Marshal’s Handbooks, the rewards don’t stop there. Log in each day for 7 days to get additional rewards!
  • Newcomer’s Gift: Perfect for training up new recruits, this bundle provides you with everything you’ll need to get your soldiers up to scratch, from Unit Training Plans to Super Unit XP Cards.
  • Master-at-Arms' Supplies: More for the Units with this bundle, as along with Unit Medals, Training Plans, and much more, you’ll also receive a bunch of Martial Arts Manuscripts. Hi-yah!
  • Silver & Glory Bundle: Does what it says on the tin, enjoy enormous amounts of Glory and Silver!
  • Glorious Ascension Bundle: Ascend to incredible heights with 30,000 Glory, along with an Expedition Paperwork Supply Crate.

Summer Treasure Event

Participate in Matchmaking Battles during Ready Player Sun to earn Fish Charms until September 8, which you can exchange for special Summer Splendour Chests! You can earn a maximum of 4 Fish Charms per day, so make the most out of this event by collecting as many as you can before the event ends (or until you reach the limit of claimable Chests)!

Exchange two Fish Charms for one Chest, with a maximum of 20 Chests claimable in total during the event. Once you have redeemed 16 Chests, you will be able to claim the final reward: a piece of Qian Officer’s Hero Attire!

If you don’t want to play, you can also purchase Summer Splendour Chests from the Summer Treasure Event. To see the drop rates for this chest check here

Ten Suns Chests

Is your beachwear as tired as the Greyhair Garrison? Update your summer wardrobe by picking up the Ten Suns Chest in-game which has a chance of dropping one of the following:

  • Protectorate General Hero Attire
  • Protectorate General Mount Set
  • Qian Officer's Hero Attire
  • Thousand Riders Unit Banner
  • Thousand Riders Unit Attire

Don’t miss out on grabbing FREE Ten Suns Chests for spending Sovereigns at the in-game Store during the Fortune’s Bounty event, too.

Ready Player Sun Twitch Drops

From September 3 to 9, you can claim exclusive Drops as part of Ready Player Sun by watching Conqueror’s Blade streams on Twitch, including previously unreleased Unit Attire! Stay tuned for more info.

Plug in and play with Ready Player Sun until September 15!