Breaking The Lore: The Rise of a Dynasty (Part 1)


Far to the east, a new dynasty has risen to power. Where there was once war, there is now peace; where there was disorder, there is calm. A new golden age was upon the people of Longting, and the Qian Empire brought prosperity.

Crucial moments paved the way for this new mighty realm to take shape, none more so than the opening of the Golden Road, which threw open the metaphorical and physical gates to all so they could discover this once-secretive region for themselves and share in its opportunities.

Legend has it that when the Qian Dynasty was founded, the emperor became troubled and sought the help of a legendary band of peaceful yet highly-trained warriors - the Cudgel Monks. This mysterious order was said to possess the spirits of brave soldiers slain in battle, and offered their services to protect the land of Longting and its new visitors from unforeseen threats.

Play Season VIII: Dynasty to see the story unravel in the coming weeks, and check back on the website soon for another lore article. Read up on the Cudgel Monks, the region of Longting, and the capital Hao Jing and its Golden Road before the next instalment!