Ranked Battles return for Season VIII and will be accessible throughout the season! Check out the Event Schedule to plan your rise through the ranks!

Unlike regular matchmaking battles, from which you primarily earn Bronze and XP, ranked battles are all about creating a persistent record of where you sit beside other heroes. Your efforts will still reward you with experience and go towards fulfilling quest objectives (although you won’t receive any Bronze), but ranked matchmaking is primarily about establishing an evolving order of dominance. 

As well as ranks to climb by earning points, there are weekly and season rewards to unlock - including a choice of unit attires to flaunt in front of your opponents.

You can always check out your current rank by pressing ‘J’ and selecting the Ranked Battle tab.

Matchmaking Ranks

New Blood

0-199 Points


200 - 399 Points


400 - 599 Points


600 - 799 Points


800 - 899 Points


1000 - 1199 Points


1200 - 1399 Points

Arena Hero*

1400 - 1699 Points

Imperial Hero*

1700 - 2099 Points


Grand Champion*

2100 + Points


The Maps

Siege (15v15)


Hidden City

Border Fort

Wall Fort

Valley Fortress

Kurak Castle

Sun City

Heilung Fjord


Ranked Rewards

Achieve a new rank! Check the Ranked Battles UI

Win 2x Ranked Battles in a week to receive:

2x Chest of Bronze

Uncommon Honour Medal

Win 5x Ranked Battles in a week to receive:

3x Chest of Bronze

Uncommon Honour Medal

Simple Honour Medal

2x Random Doctrine Ability

Rank Fighter (800 points) or above during a season to receive:

60x Unit Medals

20x Powdered Silver

10,000 Honour

3x Treatise

Rank Gladiator (1200 points) or above during a season to receive:

60x Unit Medals

30x Gold Dust

1x Epic Barding Schematic Crate

7x Treatise

Rank above 1500 points during a season to receive:

1x Permanent Title

1x Ranked Battle Unit Attire Selection (choose from Barbiano Unit Attire, Elite Tercio Arquebusier’s Attire, Pavise Crossbowmen’s Ducal Garrison Attire, Falconetti Gunner’s Bombardier Attire, Gryf Lancer's Attire, Valorous Unit Attire, or a Mountain Lions' Armour Attire)

Rank above 2100 points and be among the top 25 players on the server to receive:

1x Mount Banner.

Barbiano Unit Attire Elite Tercio Arquebusier’s Attire

Pavise Crossbowmen’s Ducal Garrison Attire

Gryf Lancer's Attire

Falconetti Gunner’s Bombardier Attire

Mount Banner

Ranked Battle Rules

  • Ranked Battles are scheduled to run throughout Season VIII.
  • Characters must be level 100 or above to take part in Ranked Battles.
  • Player groups are limited to 3 members.
  • *Above Gladiator, players within a group must all be within one rank of one another. (Eg: If one player is ranked Arena Hero, the others must either be Arena Hero or Gladiator, or Arena Hero and Imperial Hero)
  • Deployable artillery per player is limited to one piece for defenders and two for attackers.
  • Units do not endure permanent losses.
  • In-game currency is not given out as a reward for participation.
  • Rewards will be distributed weekly and after the conclusion of a season, as appropriate.
  • The rules, schedule and rewards for Ranked Battles are subject to change, although we will endeavour to keep you updated prior to any changes.