The Blue Swan Hero Attire and Winter Knight Hero Attire are two of the most iconic cosmetic items of the last few seasons, and both are available in their respective Collector’s Packs with a massive 40% discount!

The Soaring Sapphire and Dark Solstice Collector’s Packs are also packed with Optimal Artillery, Silver and Premium Account. Both will remain discounted on MY.GAMES Market until 19:05 CEST on July 8.

Soaring Sapphire Collector’s Pack

  • Blue Swan Hero Attire
  • 1x Optimal Cannon
  • 1x Optimal Culverin
  • 1x Optimal Grapeshot Cannon
  • 30-day Premium Account
  • 50,000 Silver

Dark Solstice Collector’s Pack

  • Winter Knight Hero Attire
  • Tuisku Horse Attire
  • 5x Optimal Hwacha Arrow Launchers
  • 5x Optimal Ballistae: 5x Unit Training Plans 
  • 90-day Premium Account
  • 80,000 Silver