Available now from the in-game Store are three exciting new item bundles that offer a 15% discount compared to buying their contents separately.

Will you pick up a Prospector’s Pack, to help you forge the finest weapons and armour? Or bring home Spoils of War to help take your troops to the next level? Or, will you acquire Mercenary Supplies so you can make the most of your precious resources during what is the most decisive part of the season?

Prospector Pack

Spoils of War

Mercenary Supplies

30-day Premium Account

5x Random Rare Artillery Chests

5x Large Chests of Silver

15x Powdered Silvers

5x Chest of Resources

60x Unit Medals

8x Marshal’s Handbooks
1x Spoils of War*

3x Large Chests of Bronze

1x Heroic Signaculum Chests

60x Unit Medals

1x Expansion Permit

3x 10-Battle Unit XP Cards

*Spoils of War is activated on purchase and allows extra items (10x Unit Medals and 5x 1-Battle Super Unit XP Cards) to be claimed every day for up to seven days. 

All three packs are exclusive to the in-game Store until 00:59 CEST on May 26 and are limited to one purchase per account.