50% Boosted Unit XP until May 3


International Workers’ Day, or Labor Day, is traditionally observed as a holiday on May 1 in many countries where the collective achievement of the labour movement is celebrated - namely the enshrinement of the eight-hour working day / five-day working week.

Naturally, we like to join in on these occasions, but since the perpetual suffering of the oppressed masses is a necessary part of the fun in Conqueror's Blade, we could hardly insist that all units take the weekend off. So, instead, we’ve made it so they don’t have to work as hard to earn the usual XP wage. This means that for every matchmaking battle between now and the end of May 3, your units will earn a massive 50% boost to Unit XP and will not endure Unit Kit losses. Don’t work them too hard, mind, lest they rise up.

  • Starts: April 29, 09:00 server time

  • Ends: May 3, 23:59 server time

  • Boost: 50%+ to Unit XP

This boost does not apply to the ruling class. No XP boost for Heroes on this occasion, sorry!