UPDATE (14th Feb): We have decided that, in order to encourage newcomers into the game, there will be a server wipe prior to both the open weekend (15-18th Feb) and the Guild CBT (18-25th Feb). This means that the characters created during CBT1 will not be accessible after it ends.

After the success of December’s Winter Mayhem open weekend and with the CBT progressing pretty much as we expected, we’ve decided to once again to take down the guard posts and swing open the gates, so that more of you can sample the game’s vastly expanded world without needing a pre-order pack.

This new and wide-open weekend will start on February 15 at 15:00 CET (6am PST) and will end on February 18 at 06:00 CET (February 17, 9pm PST). While the servers are up, you’ll be able to explore the campaign map, take part in open-world trade and PvP and push your warlords towards the level cap of 60. If you just want a good honest fight, there are three conquest maps, three siege maps and a PvE map - before which is a brand-new tutorial to get you up to speed.

Be sure to check out the CBT page as much of it applies to the Open Weekend test, although understand that you will not be eligible to receive rewards for CBT tasks. Note also that as with the Siege Test Open Weekend, you will require a my.com account to access the game. If you purchased the game via Steam and you still see the “Sign up for Beta” instead of being able to access the game, please follow the instructions in this article.

We welcome your feedback and look forward to seeing you in game. Also, don’t forget to take part in our Beta Contest. Have fun!


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