Servers are now live for closed beta testing


The first stage of the Conqueror’s Blade closed beta test is underway! This means that if you’re eligible to take part and the game files prepared, the servers are waiting for you to charge into open warfare! You have until February 15 to saddle up and ride out into the big wide world, when we will close the gates and begin preparations for the second stage test - on which we’ll have more later on.

If you took part in the Siege Tests late last year, you may be wondering what’s new in the CBT. The short answer is too much to list here. Here then are some the highlights:

  • Dynamic campaign: No longer limited to inconsequential castle sieges, warlords are encouraged to explore the unique gameworld; to secure resources - by trade or by conquest - and to establish themselves in competition with other players and roaming NPC bandits.
  • Crafting and development systems: Warlords will divide their (peace) time between friendly settlements and their Personal Camp, between which research and resources will be acquired and spent to develop raw recruits into elite units equipped with the finest arms and armour.
  • Territory Wars: On alternate days armies can take part in Territory Wars, which are effectively the acting out of war declarations. Attacking armies will converge on their pre-preferred targets, while the defenders must effectively come together to try to send the invaders packing.
  • New tutorial: As soon as you’ve created a new character you’ll be taken to a quest-based tutorial area to learn the fundamentals of melee, mounted, and siege combat, as well as unit leadership. Afterwards, you can choose a home region to start your adventures.
  • New maps: As well as new siege maps, there are new field battle locations that simulate the kind of skirmishes that occur when opposing armies meet on the open road or away from major settlements. Some of these battles can be played in PvP or PvE (using the same matchmaking system).
  • 24/7 server access: As was previously announced, the servers are planned to be up all day, every day until February 15, 15:00 CET (11am PST). If there are any issues that require a rest or a reset, we’ll be sure to let you know as far in advance as possible.


Complete CBT tasks to earn in-game rewards

To thank you for your efforts during what is a crucial time for Conqueror’s Blade, each stage of the CBT will have some special tasks for you to complete, for which you can earn some useful items that will be issued during the course of the open beta phase. For stage one all you have to do is log into the game and send us some feedback about your experiences, which can be as a general overview or by detailing an issue or bug. Head on over to our dedicated CBT page for all the details and to track your progress. You’ll also find instructions on how to get the client up and running - if you haven’t already.

For those of you currently without access who remain eager to experience Conqueror’s Blade, as ever, entrance to the CBT is guaranteed by the purchase of one of our pre-order packs. You can check out the contents here before joining the rest of the game’s most pioneering warlords.

Hopefully, we’ll see many of you on the battlefields and battlements very soon!  Do keep an eye on our social channels during the CBT, Discord especially, for any community news and in-game intel, so you can be ready to join in at a moment’s notice. Who knows, you might discover a potential alliance partner among the ever-growing CB community.


  • Not all features of the full game are implemented and some that are might not be finalized. Many social and guild features, for example, will debut in a later CBT stage.
  • As with the recent Siege Test stage, characters and progression will not carry over from the CBT phase into subsequent tests.
  • A bug that affected some AMD processors during the Siege Tests has been eliminated.'
  • PvE gameplay is set to a single “Commoner” difficulty. More difficulty settings will be introduced prior to full game release.
  • If you purchased the game via Steam and you still see the “Sign up for Beta” instead of being able to access the game, please follow the instructions in this article.

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