Halloween writing competition: the winners!


If you left it too late to buy one of our limited edition Halloween attires, there’s still a chance you could win one - assuming, that is, you entered our most recent writing contest.

We asked you to compose a disturbing tale in just two sentences. In return, we promised to judge the best of them and reward their authors with their choice of Halloween attire. The first part of that pledge is now complete!


THE WINNER: Kommando293 (NA)

He stood silently with his Reaping scythe with baleful glowing eyes and grim silence that emitted from him like a dreaded aura.
And then he the figure twirled it around as behind him rose ranks upon ranks of the Undying, Vengeful Dead as they marched to war again.


2nd PLACE: EastCoastJoe (NA)

It was the dead of night and I was awoken by a loud knock at my door and I peeked through the keyhole. I was horrified to see my wife’s bloody human head staring at me with a look of terror, and I wondered who had been lying in bed next to me all night?


3rd PLACE: Mosene (EU3)

I finally found my wife the kidney she needed It took forever to track down everyone she’d donated organs to after she died.


Well done to those of you with the unenviable task of choosing between the Plague Doctor Hero Attire or the Gilded Shaman Hero Attire. To everyone else that entered, you can be sure we’ll be having another writing contest soon, with even greater attires to picture yourself wearing. We look forward to reading more of your literary efforts soon!