King of Fiefs Writing Contest: Winners Announced


Last month, we invited you to create lore for three new fiefs which will be introduced to Conqueror’s Blade in Season V: Legacy of Fire. We received some incredible entries, and after much deliberation, we’re ready to crown our three champions of the written word!

Marcerota: Lore written by TakeThePower – Sicania (EU2)

A town that has survived many disasters and sieges. It is the bastion of the west, it is the rock in the surf and it stands for the freedom of the people of Anadolou. The inhabitants of this city should not be underestimated, as their will is unbroken, their fighting spirit unchallenged and their thirst for blood and fire unquenched when the enemy is at their gates and threatens their existence. But this city is also known for its fertile fields and incomparable warriors. Whoever dares to attack this fortress has forfeited his life.

Scythios: Lore written by GrobiDrengazi – Asterion (NA)

“You may have heard wondrous songs sung of sparkling waters m’lord, and the terrible men who plunder upon its wakes. Here, the only tales told are warnings; for the sea is as treacherous as she is beautiful.” - A local Scythian

Scythios is no mere port. Generation after generation, one lesson has been passed down: The sea does not abide weakness. Its walls towering and solid, built to outlast the unceasing battering of the waves. Its people unyielding, for the sea does not share her bounty willingly. For centuries, conquerors and pillagers have broken against its impervious walls like so many waves of blood; for to try and overcome Scythios is to try and subdue the sea.

Jadoli: Lore written by ChairmanFox – Sicania (EU2)

Located at the heart of Empyros, Jadoli lives mainly from livestock farming. Its inhabitants have a simple and proud existence, among herds and military training. Education is mandatory, collective and organized by the authorities. It aims to train disciplined and efficient soldiers who only care about the kingdom's sake. Local rulers think it is a necessity, as a well-defended city needs to be guarded by a shield of men instead of a wall of bricks. Furthermore, because of the proximity of the aggressive Ungverija, each and every Jadolian knows deep down their contribution has to be exemplary.

Congratulations to all three winners, who will be contacted by the MY.GAMES community team very soon to receive their prize of 6,000 Sovereigns. We hope you’re looking forward to exploring these Empyrean lands when Season V: Legacy of Fire launches on October 13 – in the meantime, we’ll see you on the battlefield!

IMPORTANT: MY.GAMES reserves the right to edit winning entries for any reason, including but not limited to length, spelling, grammar, tone, and compatibility with existing in-game lore.