Check out the Season V Battle Pass!


The Season V: Legacy of Fire Battle Pass is now available to buy from the MY.GAMES Market, Steam, and the in-game Store!

As you earn Glory, the Battle Pass allows you to unlock additional rewards during the season. With each Nobility tier, you can unlock exclusive new hero and unit attires, banners, emotes and more!

You can also earn awesome Season V rewards without a Battle Pass, such as Rare Artillery Chests and Hero Tokens that can be exchanged for classic cosmetics and consumables in the Seasonal Store. However, only with a Battle Pass can you receive new rewards at every tier, all the way to 300!

 Free Pass Reward Highlights

Squat Emote

(Tier 25)

Symmachos Title

(Tier 50)

 Legendary Catapult

(Tier 60)

Legacy of Fire Weapon Box

(Tier 70)

 Battle Pass Reward Highlights

Vigla Guard's Hero Attire

(Tier 1)

 Reunification War Banner

(Tier 20)


Vardariot Unit Attire

(Tier 50)


Strategos's Hero Attire

(Tier 100)

When you reach Nobility Tier 101, you can start to amass Chalices as well as Hero Tokens. New to Season V, Chalices can be exchanged in the Seasonal Store for new versions of Hero Attire, Horse Attire, and weapon skins that haven’t been available since the end of Season I!

Hero Tokens


Hero Tokens can be exchanged for Season V attires, schematics, gold, silver and other consumables (including Chalices).

New to Season V, Chalices can be exchanged for new adaptations of classic skins!


  • Hero Tokens and Chalices can only be exchanged in the Seasonal Store during the same season they are earned. After this, they become invalid.
  • The Battle Pass only grants additional rewards for the duration of the season for which it was bought.