Soon battle will be joined by the finest units of the Anadolou Empire, an enlightened realm that guards the gateway between two feuding hemispheres. When its soldiers aren’t fighting, they are in training, and for every trading caravan that leaves with exotic textiles and spices, another returns with the knowledge to forge units that forever characterise Anadolou’s veiled traditions and ambitions.

While each of the new units coming to Conqueror’s Blade in the Blood of the Empire update fulfils very different roles, they share many characteristics: They are loyal and steadfast, heavily-armoured, well-equipped and can each be unlocked via Season IV’s Unit Challenges - which we’ll be detailing in a future article!

Janissaries (3-star unit)

Centuries ago, the Janissaries were a regiment of conscripted slave warriors, but as the Anadolou Empire has prospered and reformed, they are now an elite professional corps and a power bloc within the empire. Being well aware of their value to the empire, the Janissaries have secured for themselves rich rewards for their service and have occasionally overthrown one ruler to install a rival more sympathetic to their demands. Each soldier is armed with a large-calibre musket requiring a wooden rest to support it before firing.


  • Able to increase ranged attack accuracy thanks to the use of a resting fork, which in turn reduces the unit’s ability to move and turn.
  • Janissary musketeers can utilise a large lead bullet to stun opponents.  

Azaps (4-star unit)

Azaps are the melee infantry of the Anadolou Empire, armed with a kilij-type sword and a small buckler. Once they were merely short-term feudal levies, now the Azaps are a standing force seen throughout Anadolou operating as town and border guards. They have a respectful if rather intense professional rivalry with the janissaries, although in battle the two work together well, usually with the azaps blocking enemy charges for their comrades to then fire upon.


  • Azaps are able to maintain continuous attacks and a counterattacking posture.
  • When under pressure, units can deliver a devastating charge attack that gives them space to regroup.

Sipahis (4.5-star unit) 

Sipahis are heavy cavalry, armed with steel maces and clad in plate armour. Every soldier of this corps is fighting to be rewarded a minor fief (known as a timar) for his service in battle. Unlike other empires, this fief is never inherited ( so as to prevent the formation of a landed aristocracy) and thus the competition among the sipahi is intense and reflected in their high motivation and combat. Sipahis are effective against heavy infantry formations, or for driving lighter opponents into range of friendly janissaries.


  • The sheer weight and momentum of a planned Sipahis charge is a sight to behold.
  • Deliver a breakthrough attack and send the opposing forces flying.  

Silahdars (5-star unit) 

These halberdiers take their name from the office of the sultan’s first servant, a role which eventually expanded to include guarding the royal personage himself. As the Sultan’s armies have expanded, so too has the numerical strength of the Silahdars to the point where they now form the main heavy infantry corps. Silahdars swear an oath to preserve the life of their commander and will accompany them into the fiercest fight without a moment’s hesitation.


  • Spread out your troops to extend the reach of their attacks, maximising damage to the opposing unit.
  • Call out to your Silahdars and they will fight harder to defend your hero’s position.