House Profile: Saint Empire (FR-EUW2)


Xixteur is the sixth and current leader of Saint Empire, a long-standing French house that recently celebrated its first year of existence. As well as a success in its own right, the house is at the heart of the Francs Alliance, in service to which Xixteur long ago hung up his poleaxe in order to more effectively lead the alliance and its houses forward.

How did you come to lead Saint Empire? 

I didn't create Saint Empire, I inherited it. I was familiar with managing teams and although I was happy to remain a simple player, far from the responsibilities and obligations that come with leadership, I became attached to the house and its members. I invested my time in it and worked my way up the ranks to become what I am today.

How would you describe yourself as a leader?

I simply try my best for my players. I don't play to be liked, respected by my peers, known by all the server or to get my name on top of some scoreboard. I play to evolve my house and our alliance; to help them grow without losing sight of what made us.

I’m planning to do my best as "Holy Emperor" and when I’ve done all I can I’ll pass on the crown, like all my predecessors have before me, to someone else who’s worthy of it. That person will need to make further progress. The mission of every "Holy Emperor" is to prevent the house from standing still; that's why we resign as soon as we realise that we can’t move it forward. Like our motto says: Audaces Fortuna Juvat (Fortune favours the bold)!

What do you think makes Saint Empire different?

Without hesitation it is our community, which was established when EUW2 started. We still have players that joined in the first hours and now also our brothers in arms from "l'OrdreDuTemplier" and "La Gaule”. Right now Saint Empire and Francs are like one body and mind - one that consists of 450 players; old, new, casual players, veterans, active players and also retirees that meet and play together in Conqueror's Blade, or just simply talk and want to have a good time.

It's because of our community cohesion and our management that we can keep a family feel in our house without imposing any obligations on our players. So we can still have a foot in the competitive side of the game - we’ve been a top 10 alliance since the start of Season II.

What will be its legacy be in the years to come?

Like the "Francs" Alliance, we want to federate the French community so that everybody can meet and play together in a good atmosphere without all the trash talk in the Global Chat.

To be first on the leaderboard is not our main goal. We are obviously happy when that happens, but that's not what we aim for. This is only a game for us and not a competition. Being the first while not taking any pleasure from playing is not our way of thinking.

What activities does the House engage in?

First thing is to help and train new players, using facultative training with diverse subjects and goal organised by our veterans. We also have fun with "convoy raids", where veteran players organise a convoy filled with resources and valuables for new players, so they can train themselves by attacking the convoy to receive some rewards at the end.

We also organise other events (not just for the alliance), such as “Qouïdby” and a 2v2 Tournament that we invite players to enter. It's going to be something big that’s organised by the community - a first for Conqueror's Blade.

Who are your most trusted warlords and what roles do they have?

My three counsellors are Huntertuer, ZhAoYuN and SinYi. They invest a lot of their time in the community but they aren't alone in their efforts. All our officers are working without respite so that Saint Empire and the Francs Alliance thrive and progress.

I would like to stress that my predecessor Bersekito was an extraordinary Liege who still plays with us to this day. It was under his reign that the Alliance with "l'OrdreduTemplier" and "La Gaule" was forged and he remains a key member of the house. It's an honour to be able to continue his good work.

If someone wanted to join Saint Empire what should they do?

You can simply come on the Francs discord, or feel free to contact us in-game. All players are considered and new recruits will be helped to learn the mechanics of the game.

Are there other houses that you admire or consider as natural allies?

"L'OrdreDuTemplier" and "la Gaule" with which we have built and placed the "Francs" at the top during months of close friendship. We have been working with them since last September and they really are awesome people to work with. We are strong and united and despite some hard knocks in the past (and the ones to come - there'll be plenty I’m sure of it) no one will divide us and make us kneel. Strength and Honour are our foundation!

Conversely, are there any Houses that you consider deadly enemies?

All the houses that trash-talk in the main channel of discussion in-game and that act in an unsporting way. We don’t play the game to insult other players and we don't want to be a part of that kind of behaviour.

Many thanks to Xixteur for answering our questions. If you know of a house that is deserving of similar recognition that we should profile in the future article, please make your nomination via our Discord channel.