Conqueror’s City rules of engagement


The Conqueror’s City is the ultimate prize for those hoping to be celebrated as Conqueror’s Blade legends. By being among those that control the city at the end of a season, you will be eligible to receive titles and other rewards, and can lay claim to being the best of the best!

Access to attack the city (and the gates that guard it) is limited depending on the stage of the current season’s Campaign and the status of the houses and alliance challenging for it. Influence and the number and location of fiefs under an alliance’s control are all factors that decide eligibility. The full “rules of engagement” are detailed below:  

  • Players must belong to a house or alliance.
  • The Conqueror’s City and its gates can only be attacked during the fourth stage of a Campaign. You can check out the current Season III schedule here.
  • To challenge for the city or its gate, war must be declared against it.
  • Houses and alliances must have at least 6000 Influence and be in possession of at least one fief in the Borderlands region to be eligible to compete for a gate fief.
  • In addition, houses and alliances must first be in control of at least one of the Conqueror’s City surrounding gates in order to be able to subsequently challenge for the city itself.
  • The ruling house in a battle for the city will be decided on a first-come, first-serve basis and will then pass along to the next house in line after the battle.
  • Members of Cohorts and Legions (ranked Decanos / Patrol Leader and above) will be able to take part in battles for the Conqueror’s City and its gates, but only to defend them - not to attack.
  • Once war is declared on the Conqueror’s City, alliance membership is locked until the current Territory War is concluded.

Note that the rules and rewards for taking part and controlling the Conqueror’s City are subject to change between and during each Season. This article will be maintained to address changes and to provide further clarification where necessary.