Five-star units joining the Auxiliary roster


Back in January we introduced Auxiliary Units, a way by which you can temporarily include new units in your warbands - trial them, in effect - without having to unlock them in the usual way.

Six months on, the system is being updated to allow more and higher tier units to be recruited. Rather than a single Chivalric Era (3-star) unit and a single Heroic Era (4-star) unit, each available Auxiliary Unit will have a Recruitment Pont cost (roughly equal to its Leadership Point cost), with players able to spend up to 450 Recruitment Points per week.

In addition to 3 and 4-star units, there will be up to two Golden Era (5-star) Auxiliary Units available to temporarily recruit, although these will be limited to level 80 characters and above.

As under the previous system, Auxiliary Units will be automatically disbanded at the end of each weekend and characters will be free to select a new group of units up to their 450 Recruitment Point limit. However, if you subsequently permanently unlock a unit previously deployed as an Auxiliary, its Unit XP and Veterency will be restored.  

Each week the following will be available as Auxiliary Units:

  • 1-6 Chivalric Era units (3-star)
  • 1-4 Heroic Era units (4-star)
  • 1-2 Golden Era units (5-star)

The idea behind this change is to give players practical experience of units before committing to levelling them up. By including 5-star units in the mix, higher-level warlords will be able to trial more diverse and distinctive warband combinations. We certainly look forward to seeing them on the battlefield when the improved system is deployed later in the week!