Creator Spotlight: Hjulstad


He’s only been streaming for a few months, since January 2020, yet Hjulstad has amassed an impressive body of work that chronicles his relentless advancement in the game, with closing in on 3,000 matches completed as one class alone: “Nodachi for life!” he proclaims. “I always get pulled towards life-stealing damage classes in whatever game I play!”

Initially dismissing Conqueror’s Blade as a game overloaded with time-consuming NPC quests when he first heard about it early in 2019, Hjulstad later tried it out when he was recovering from a back injury in September last year. “I fell in love with its perfect mix of action-combat and abilities” he says. He also fell for a unit to accompany his beloved Nodachi hero: “The Tercios, my babies, have got a special place in my heart” he beams.

“Keep enjoying the game! If you feel something is OP or broken, try to play around it. It becomes more fun that way!”

It’s no surprise to learn that Hjulstad plays Conqueror’s Blade often. “After getting my kids off to school I log on and start streaming” he says. “Then I start checking the world map for resources, maybe some market checking, usually followed by sieges with my buds Thanatoss or Daybur!” Another friend through Conqueror’s Blade is YouTuber ShadeOnline: “We share the same mindset, in wanting to help new players on their journey.”

For Hjulstad, streaming Conqueror’s Blade and being part of the Content Creator’s Program is all about sharing practical knowledge while having fun. “The goal has been to entertain people and make them feel at home, while trying to answer any questions” he says, recalling times when he’s asked the viewers to decide which weapons and units to use, as well as taking on “very unserious Rebel Camp runs and some serious sieges.” He adds: “That’s why I started streaming in the first place!”

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