House Profile: Heretic (EUW1)


Heretic is a member of Friendly, the alliance that emerged victorious from Season II and is already working to do the same again. We caught up with its spokesperson before the new season kicked off. 

How did you first find out about Conqueror’s Blade?

As with most of us in Heretic, from word of mouth. We talked about the game among friends and we were attracted to it because of its potential as a competitive PvP game. 

Why did you decide to set up a house?

The origin of Heretic comes from the fact our old house, ODT, wasn't organized enough in terms or war management and we wanted to reach a higher level. When the ultimate aim of Season II was to take the Conqueror’s City shown up, we decided to go our own way. This lead us to conquer forts around the famous city - two of them, at least. 

What do you think makes your house different?

We are serious in our aim to win the Conqueror’s City and just try to stay on top to remain an attractive choice for those who want to win the season. 

What does the house hope to achieve - what will be its legacy in years to come?

Our alliance already won Season II. We just hope to successfully do it again in the new season, and those afterwards. 

What’s your favourite class to play?

The answer depends on the Conqueror’s Blade patch. Classes that are the most well-suited to Territory War are a favourite to increase our chances to win. It’s the same for the majority of Heretic members. 

What activities does the house regularly engage in and enjoy?

All of our time is devoted to training and working to stay on top in each season.


Who are your most trusted warlords and what roles do they command within the organization?

We can't name one without naming all of our confirmed members. We only retain players good enough to help secure the Conqueror’s City, which means all of our warlords are trusted once training is over. 

If someone wanted to join your house or establish a pact, what should they do?

They can contact us via Discord

Are there other houses that you admire?

For us, all houses who step into the Borderlands deserve our respect. Others who stay in starter regions after the Borderlands open present little interest for us. 

Conversely, are there any houses that you'd consider mortal enemies?

We don't have any specific enemies: Even if we fight every house that challenges us, it helps us to train and be prepared for the season. 

Many thanks to the members of Heretic for answering our questions. If you know of a house that is deserving of similar recognition that we should profile in the future article, please make your nomination via our Discord channel.