Creator Spotlight: DaddyDeath369


If you’re not a regular viewer to DaddyDeath369’s Twitch channel, you may have inadvertently appeared in one of his events, which in the past have drawn hundreds of players (and bemused onlookers) to congregate and do battle at the heart of some of Conqueror’s Blade’s most iconic settlements. These duelling tournaments are the epitome of organised chaos, where players might appear as a rabble spoiling for a fight, but are actually being carefully orchestrated behind the scenes to ensure proceedings are fast and fair. 

Duelling tournaments have been a mainstay of DaddyDeath’s output for almost as long as he’s been streaming Conqueror’s Blade, an effort which started a little over a year ago (when he was simply known as Death3691) and when the dad jokes weren’t quite as prevalent (or as well practised): “I found out about Conqueror's Blade when I was searching for a new free game to play” he says, “and being able to charge in smashing everything is what’s kept me going.” He then decided to join the Content Creator Program to give players a voice and show off his martial prowess, most recently in the guise of a Maul: “I can run in like a maniac, bashing everything out of the way. And I can yell ‘stop, hammer time!’.” 

DaddyDeath typifies his streams as “a lot of chaos and destruction” with a few terrible jokes and odd discussions on the side. It was one of those early exchanges that lead to him hosting his first duelling tournament, a format which many others have copied since with varying degrees of success. “Everyone told me it was impossible and a horrible idea” he recalls, which was the only impetus needed to see if it could work. Numerous events and hundreds of duels later, it’s no surprise to learn that DaddyDeath’s tournament streams are among his proudest moments. 

Away from duelling, DaddyDeath is happy to continue doing what he does best; charging recklessly into battle while hopefully raising a few smiles from among his online audience. “My goal will always be to try and make one person in every stream laugh or shake their head saying ‘What's wrong with this guy?’” Clearly being an example of what not to do is a winning formula. 

“The most rewarding aspect of being a content creator is being able to introduce new players to the game and help them learn.”

When not live himself, DaddyDeath says he hangs out in as many streams as he can, and sees efforts to entertain players equal to that of making the game itself: “Anyone can make a difference; whether it is stepping up to hold server-wide events or just by helping a new player learn. The future of the game is in the hands of the community as much as the creators, so kick back relax and have some fun.” 

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