Last chance: Get the Mercenary Attire Chest before April 21!


The Mercenary Attire Chest is leaving the Store when Season III: Soldiers of Fortune launches on April 21. This fabled relic is filled with hoarded treasure from countless adventures, and every chest gives you a random piece of Hero Attire or Unit Attire, a weapon skin, or a Banner.

Available for 250 Sovereigns, press ‘C’ to access the in-game Store and check out the offer tab to get your own Mercenary Attire Chest. You can get any one of the following when you open the chest:

Hero Attire (one piece) ● Aswaran Hero Attire
● Legionary Hero Attire
● Fire Salamander Hero Attire
● Reaper General Hero Attire
● Fire Lancer Officer Hero Attire
● Desert Raider Hero Attire
● Liangyun Ranger Hero Attire
Unit Attire (one piece) ● Golden Sun Mercenary Unit Attire
● Vadasz Corps Unit Attire
Weapon Skins ● Crimson Cloud Shortsword & Shield
● Sea Phoenix Glaive
● Imperial Purple Longsword & Shield
● Woodwose's Revenge Poleaxe
● Sandsnake Spear
● Oath of Loyalty Nodachi
● Sudden Death Musket
● Royal Executioner Bow
● Peacock Plume Shortbow
● Jade Star Dual Blades
Banners ● Serpent of Moon and Sun Banner
● Tree of Holy Fire Banner
● Royal Crown and Scroll Banner
● History's Light Banner
● Taurean Banner

IMPORTANT: Attire for Heroes, Units, and Horses in Conqueror’s Blade is purely cosmetic, and does not grant additional bonuses or advantages during gameplay. It just looks really, really cool.

Get a Mercenary Attire Chest from the Store before they leave on April 21!