UPDATED: Auction House Resource Market closing until April 21


UPDATE: When functionality returns after the deployment of the Season III update, players will have 72 hours to retrieve resources from the Auction House Resource Market, after which they will be irretrievable. 

As the Conqueror’s Blade team works hard to deploy Season III: Soldiers of Fortune next week, we need to temporarily close the Auction House’s Resource Market in-game. This will allow us to prevent players’ resources getting stuck in different regions while the Borderlands are locked at the beginning of the season.

From April 17 at 15:00 CEST (6am PDT) until the launch of Season III on April 21, you will be unable to list new resources for sale in the Auction House. Any current listings in the Auction House will expire, and the resources can then be collected and returned to you. You will be able to list these resources again when the Resource Market reopens next week.

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