This new unit could have your name all over it!


A new season on the horizon means that new units will soon be marching over it, and you could have a part to play in helping to identify one of them!

Our latest competition is an exciting one, as we’re giving you the chance to contribute to the background lore of Conqueror’s Blade by not only naming but fully writing the in-game description for one of the game's next batch of units!

There are some obvious restrictions in terms of length and from where to draw inspiration, but if we like what we read of your suggestions your creation will soon be in the game for all to see!

Please limit your entries to ONE PER PERSON, either to the EN Conqueror’s Blade Facebook page, or the NA Conqueror’s Blade Facebook page.

We request that you consider all the rules of entry (below) before entering, and be sure to post your suggestions before 15:00 CEST (12am PDT) on Thursday, April 2nd. We will be announcing the winner and profiling the new unit in great depth shortly afterwards. Once the unit is accessible in-game, the winner will be fully credited.  

Good luck!

The rules of lore:

  1. Unit names must not exceed 20 characters - the shorter the better.
  2. The unit description should not exceed 350 characters in length.
  3. Unit names and descriptions can only include characters of the Latin alphabet and associated accents. Numerals, most punctuation marks and special characters should not be used.
  4. Unit names and descriptions should be consistent with one another, as well as with other units and themes planned for Season III, which include Pavise Crossbowmen, Fortebraccio Pikemen and Condottieri Guards.
  5. Entries can be in any supported language (FR/DE/ES/RU) but all entries must include English translation of the unit name (subject to the same 20-length character restriction as above).
  6. Entries must be made to the official Conqueror’s Blade Facebook page.
  7. Only one entry will be considered per person.
  8. Usual community rules apply: No offensive, racist, or obscene names or descriptions will be considered.
  9. Suggested names should not refer to real or known places, events, internet memes or intellectual properties.
  10. All entries will be judged by the MY.GAMES team in close collaboration with Booming Games.
  11. We reserve the right to edit or amend the winning entry, or to replace it at any point in the future.