Points mean prizes! Show us your siege skills


From today (March 25) until Wednesday, April 1, we’re looking to reward teams that can collect the most points in a single siege battle. The idea is simple, join up with four other players, and if after any siege battle you’ve amassed a high number of points (as calculated below), you and your buddies could win Sovereigns and Premium Account time.

The three highest team scores submitted in the week up to April 1st (regardless of the server) will win for each member the following:

  • 1st place: 1100 Sovereigns and 30-days Premium for each member
  • 2nd place: 525 Sovereigns and 30-days Premium for each member
  • 3rd place: 525 Sovereigns for each member

Scores are calculated to include:

  • 10 points per hero kill
  • 3 points per hero kill assist
  • 1 point per unit kill
  • 5 points per 100k damage dealt
  • 3 points per 100k damage received


  • To be considered, each team leader must submit screenshots of each team member’s post-battle screens (including Player Stats, Player stats in the Team Stats and Unit graph) - a total of 15 screenshots. Screenshots must be unedited and full screen.
  • Screens should be posted with the team name by the team leader to the Show Us Your Skill Discord in the #skillevent channel. They are four channels to post screens - one for players from each server.
  • Players can only represent one team. If a player appears in more than one team, they all will be disqualified.
  • Teams can improve their score and post entries until the event ends on April 1st. (Make sure you put the same team name with your screenshots).
  • Efforts to boost scores (like having friends suiciding on you to raise numbers) are forbidden and could lead to disqualification.
  • Organizers reserve the right to disqualify any team that does not adhere to the rules or the spirit of the competition.
  • Be aware that the points system and rules of entry are subject to change. Any adjustments will be communicated in the event Discord channel.   

For more information about this event, you can contact the host on Discord at FauxCheur#3249, or just ask in the #help channel of the event Discord.

The three teams leading the event and their scores will be updated throughout the week in the above Discord channel.