Map Guide: The Storehouse (Siege)


Designed more to hoard resources rather than to deter anyone from taking them, The Storehouse’s defences are currently being added to in an effort to keep its local riches safe. It’s an undertaking that seems to have had the opposite effect - drawing warlords towards conquering it for themselves rather than keeping them at bay.


Despite the land being abundant with farms and the forests rich with game, landlords have sought to stockpile more than their fair share of the area’s resources - as much to keep the locals in line as to hope to control prices. In return - despite it being a place of great learning - this Ostarian castle has long been referred to as the “The Storehouse”, a name that has attracted more than a few undesirables. In an effort to deter pilferers and usurpers, the current ruler has financed the building of an outer stockade. So far, it hasn’t had the desired effect.


  • Both defensive walls are ringed with artillery so don’t get caught for too long out in the open. Move quickly to breach the outer stockade - using the battering ram is probably too time-consuming and unnecessary - and silence those pesky guns
  • The Storehouse is a map that rewards quick thinking and even quicker movement. Don’t give the defenders time to reorganise or formulate a counter-attack. Keep pressing forward but in a coordinated manner.
  • There is an enemy supply point located in the north of the map, which is the only one within the castle walls. Securing the area could be essential if breaking through to the final capture point becomes difficult.


  • There’s no shortage of battlement-mounted weaponry, almost enough for every warlord to simultaneously be able to shoot hot fiery death into the advancing enemy ranks. Not only can you thin out enemy units as they advance, but you should also be able to enjoy a good view of the opposition in its entirety.
  • The wooden fortifications are not going to hold for long, but don’t retreat to the inner keep too readily. Use the north of the map to harry and outflank your opponent - a charge from behind can break can be the ruin of an attack.
  • The inner keep is very compact, with high walls dropping onto the small courtyard and its control point. To keep it, you need to retain the high ground, especially the western side from which you’ll need to reinforce and counter-attack. If you concentrate your forces within the control point rather than around it, you will lose.