Win lovely boosts during the Valentine weekend


Even the most dedicated warlord want’s to find love, whether it’s from their downtrodden subjects, their most loyal troops, or an undiscovered soulmate who shares the same interests - such as laying siege to castles and slaying everyone inside. Unfortunately, finding a medieval life partner isn’t easy, which is why some warlords have to go about it the only way they know how - by competing for affection.

In the picture above you can see one such bout underway, in which three suitors are vying for the attention of a fair maiden in brutal word-based combat. But, wait! The damsel appears in some distress, having to decide between the three hapless admirers. 

All you have to do to see how this brief encounter ended is head over to our Facebook page and select the chat-up line you think won the heart of the iron maiden. If you’re correct, you’ll be among those swept away with in-game boosts during the Valentine weekend.

Spread the love and good luck!