Speedrun player-run event starts today


How fast can you take out a Rebel Camp? That’s the question being asked by Conqueror’s Blade players Shou and IceEagle, who between them are running an event they’re calling Rebel Camp Speedrun. Starting today and up until February 21st, everyone is invited to enter!

The idea is actually very simple: Get a trio of warlords together, assemble your army from the available troops, complete an easy Rebel Camp as quickly as you can and then send the organisers evidence of your accomplishment. If you are among the fastest teams, you could win Sovereigns, Premium Account time and Silver.


  • 1st Place: 30-days Premium + 525 Sov + 10x Battle Hero & Unit XP Card
  • 2nd Place:  30-days Premium + 10x Battle Unit XP Card
  • 3rd Place: 525 Sovereigns + 7-days Premium
  • 4th Place: 525 Sovereigns + 10k Silver + 10x Battle Unit XP Card
  • 5th Place: 7-days Premium + 10k Silver


  • Max. 3 players per team
  • Any number of the following units can be fielded: Tenant Farmers, Demesne Pikemen, Village Watchman, Serfs, Woodcutters, Sword Militia, Spear Militia, Demesne Javelineers, Javelin Militia, Levy Bowmen, Archer Militia, Rattan Pikeman.
  • Only ONE of the following units can be fielded PER TEAM: Demesne Spearman, Demesne Archers, Ironcap Arquebusiers.
  • Teams will be DISQUALIFIED if members deploy Artillery or use any units NOT listed above!
  • To be considered, each team leader must submit screenshots of each team member’s post-battle screens (including Player Stats, Unit Stats, Team Stats and Unit graph). Send all entries to: cb.ccpe@gmail.com before Friday 21 February 2020.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to the organisers on Discord (Shu#8959 or IceEagle#3245).

Note: this event is not being administered by MY.GAMES and we cannot provide support should any non-gameplay issues arise.

Good luck, play fair and please be courteous to your hosts to ensure more Speedrun events in the future!