Complete Winter Light Festival challenges to receive bonus Season II attires


This time of year is always a celebration of colour, so as part of the Winter Light Festival that’s getting underway in-game, we are giving you the opportunity to acquire new editions of our most recent hero attires. You will need to have the originals in order to be able to access the updated hue - which requires a Season II Battle Pass - but you don’t need to have reached a high Nobility Tier to start your progress towards unlocking them - only to complete the challenges to receive them!

NOTE: You may safely ignore a tooltip display error that says you cannot progress past tier 200. This will be corrected in a subsequent update.  

Ortoq's Red Hero Attire (pictured above) is your reward for completing the necessary challenge after you have unlocked the Tier-1 Battle Pass Reward Ortoq Guard's Attire.

The Tier-50 Battle Pass Reward Noyan's Battle Attire is paired with Noyan’s Bearskin Attire (above) - should you be able to finish the challenge that’s set.

Reach Tier 100 and as well as Shaman's Ceremonial Attire, by finishing the required challenge you will also receive, as above, the Winter’s Prophet Attire.

You will be issued other challenges, for which you will receive steppe-style banners to equip your units with. Then, once you have completed all the Winter Light Festival attire challenges, you will be able to display a unique title: Winter’s Fury.

Note that the attire challenges will remain open beyond the duration of the Winter Light Festival - for at least as long as all Season II challenges are active. 

Good luck!