Until now, if you’ve been unable to fully commit yourself to the demands of being in a house or alliance, or just prefer to play Conqueror's Blade at your own pace and in your own time, you may have felt disadvantaged at not being able to fully take part in Territory Wars. With the imminent introduction of NPC-controlled houses and alliances - part of the new Imperial Restorationist system - we’re hoping to get as many players as possible enjoying the cut and thrust of the game’s sovereignty battles.

As with player groups (player houses will henceforth be known as Free Houses), there are NPC-controlled houses - known as Cohorts, and NPC-controlled Alliances - known as Legions. It’s useful to think of the latter as a form of militia, in that they call on all unaligned players to defend the region’s territory in the event of an attack from within. Here’s what you need to know:

There are four Imperial Restorationist Legions, one for each region (Ostarian Legion, Ungverijan Legion, Maoyang Legion and Liangyun Legion), which you can join by pressing N and selecting the Legion tab. Note: If you wish to join a Legion, you cannot be already a member of a house or alliance.

Each Legion contains 6 Cohorts (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc). As a new recruit, you will be placed in one of the Cohorts. You can transfer to another Cohort for a fee of 300 Sovereigns. Also, once joined, you cannot leave a Legion until you have been a member for 7 days - CHOOSE WISELY!

Via the My Cohort tab you can view all the other warlords in your Cohort and how much Acclaim they have earnt from Territory Wars. If you click the right-hand icon you can see all battles the Legion is planning for.

The Diplomacy tab allows you to search for any NPC or player-controlled group by name and check its info. If a House or Alliance holds territory that your Legion is sworn to unite, you can select it as a potential target.

Legions are fully devoted to uniting their region rather than conquering others, which means Legions are forever neutral to one another, while hostile to all player-created houses seeking or holding fiefs in the region. However, as hostile as they are to territory-holding houses, all territories held by Legions are kept neutral, meaning that travel and resources (and open-world combat engagements) are open to all players operating in the vicinity.

The above images are taken from a pre-release version of the update and cannot be considered final.