One of the keystone features of Conqueror’s Blade is Territory Wars; the ability to capture land and benefit from its ownership - at least until someone else takes it back. With the introduction of Season II and Campaigns, our plan is to take Territory Wars to the next level - to have houses and alliances not just bickering over their borders, but to try to build a legacy - to march into the most hostile lands in the game and claim the ultimate prize!

Accessed from the Seasonal panel (F5), Campaigns are simply a series of stages that houses and alliances can work through to earn rewards. To complete stage one, “The Baron’s War”, you and your associates simply have to take a village, a town and a fort, for which you’ll each receive Bronze, Artillery Chests and Treatises. The next stage of the campaign requires you to take part in and win cross-region PvE battles, while in Stage 3, you must push into the Borderlands, seizing various objectives. To complete the final stages of the campaign, you and your allies will have to march on and eventually secure the once-mythical Conqueror’s City, a prize that many others will be chasing and that the Borderlands will not give up easily!

With Campaigns offering new avenues for conquest that combine Seasonal progression and Territory Wars, now’s a great time to join a house or alliance if you’d not already considered it doing so. You can defend your homeland later - the Borderlands needs warlords now!