Introducing the Season 2 Battle Pass


With a new season of warfare comes a new Battle Pass, but unlike war itself, this one has changed.

As during Season 1, your seasonal efforts will see you issued with Glory Points to help you ascend through up to 200 Nobility Tiers. However, instead of unlocking Conquest Tokens that can be exchanged for items at the Seasons Store, for the duration of Season 2 you will be awarded with Fangs - a currency that ties in with the nomadic theme running through the season and its updates.

As before, you’ll still earn substantial rewards for progressing without a Battle Pass, but if you have one you will receive more rewards more regularly as you progress. Also, if you decide to hold off buying the Battle Pass under later in the season, you’ll still be eligible to get all the bonus rewards you missed - so long as you don’t leave it too late.

Thanks to your feedback from last season, we have optimised the Nobility Tier rewards, so that the lower level rewards are more substantial. In addition, we’ve lowered the threshold for the season’s biggest reward to tier 100, after which - up to tier 200 - you will only be issued Fangs for reaching a new tier.

Here are some of Season 2’s reward highlights:


Free Pass rewards

Battle Pass rewards

Tier 1

Little Chest of Bronze

Ortoq Guard's Attire

Wolf Spirit's Blessing (50% Glory bonus during Season 2)

Tier 20

Fragile Skill Book

Khurul Unit Attire

Tier 50 Warrior Under the Open Sky Title Noyan's Battle Attire

Tier 65

Snow Tigers Unit Attire

x2 Little Chest of Silver

x20 Fangs

Tier 85


Khanate Guard Unit Attire

Tier 100

10x Fangs

Shaman's Ceremonial Hero Attire

In terms of the Season 2 interface (summoned by pressing F5), the fundamentals are much the same. You can check out our Season 1 guide to the Battle Pass, interface and progression right here.

Please be aware that as a feature of Seasons gameplay, Glory points, Nobility Tiers and their stated Rewards are all reset prior to the start of a new season. Of course, you get to keep all the items you’ve been awarded through having a Battle Pass, however, the benefits of having a Battle Pass does not carry over into a new season. Battle Passes bought during a season expire when it ends.