Leading the charge for the Wrath of the Nomads update are six new units inspired by the Mongol Empire that once dominated central and eastern asia. Rather than conscripted for coin or wooed by Honour, as many current in-game units are, to unlock these new troops you need to impress them by completing sets of challenges that will soon be a part of your Seasonal progression. You can read more on these challenges soon, but for now we’re going to focus on the units themselves.

Generally, the new unit line contains troops that are strong fighters but don’t necessarily follow established battlefield etiquette. As an example, they may not fully benefit from being in a formation, but they will thrive once the chaos of battle is underway. Relatively lightly-armoured, these units enjoy mediocre survivability and good manoeuvrability and movement and can boast of a 5% damage increase when fighting on Field Battle maps.

Known for their ability to survive in hostile territory, the new units will consume fewer rations when traversing the open world and will claim extra food from each victory as a spoil of war - although they can’t carry as many provisions as similar units, as they prefer to stay as unencumbered as possible.

Namkhan Archers (Tier 3, ranged)

Namkhan roughly translates as “commoner” or “peasant”


  • Light archers with a relatively low base attack.
  • Firing can inflict bleeding on enemies and deal real damage.
  • Veterancy Points can make the bleed effect stronger. Full stacks of bleed inflict heavy damage.

Khorchins (Tier 3, ranged)

A “khorchin” relates to an arrow quiver.


  • These archers feature weak health and defence but strong attack and attack speed.
  • Can fire somewhat accurately while moving.
  • Can switch to bodkin arrowheads that increase armour penetration but lower attack speed.

Selemchid Cavalry (Tier 3, mounted)

Selemchid means “swordsmen” in Mongolian.


  • This unit has high attack and is capable in sustained melee combat.
  • Charge has a short cooldown, enabling lots of movement across the battlefield.
  • Health is exceptional but defence is weak and this unit has a hard time dealing with arrow attacks.

Tseregs (Tier 4, melee)

“Tsereg” is Mongolian for “soldier” or “warrior”.


  • This unit has high health and damage but low defence.
  • Can use Swift Blades and Wolf Blades.
  • Sabre Dance: Quick attack speed. Can attack two targets.
  • Wolf Blades: Attacks can pierce armour and inflict bleeding.

Khevtuul Cavalry (Tier 4, mounted)

The Khevtuuls were the nighttime bodyguards of the emperor, counterparts to the Kheshigs.

  • Traits
  • This heavily-armoured unit has relatively low attack and movement speed.
  • Can charge when wielding sabers.
  • Can fire while charging when arrows are equipped. Launches a rain of arrows while riding in a charge formation.

Kheshigs (Tier 5, mounted)

Kheshigs were the daytime bodyguards to the Great Khan, a counterpart to the Khevtuuls


  • Attacks with two sabers.
  • Heavy blade riders with high attack and long charge cooldowns.
  • Can launches a flurry of skills. The blades slash alternately, with explosive melee damage.
  • Immune to control effects. Has high melee defence and low ranged defence.
  • When charging, upon reaching a destination, can charge again toward a hero and inflict 50% damage.