With hundreds of players having already competed across two weekends and a dozen timezones, the final day of the Warlord League dawned with just four teams left in the competition. At the end of it, however, there could be only one. It was just a matter of time until we found out which team would take the title.

The teams after Stage 2:

  • Chaos (RU): Group 1 winner
  • ENDGEGNER (EU): Group 1 runner-up
  • WereRabbits (EU): Group 2 winner
  • Exiles (RU): Group 2 runner-up

Semi-final: Exiles (RU) 0 vs Chaos (RU) 2

Exiles were ahead on points for most of the first match, but as the battle wore on Chaos was able to maintain a vice-like grip on the centre-ground, forcing Exiles to make desperate and ineffective attacks. In the end the first match was a comfortable win for the forces of Chaos, which became even more dominant in the second match with Exiles barely able to hold onto more than one capture point for more than a few seconds. With Chaos decisively winning match two there was no need for a third

Semi-final: ENDGEGNER (EU) 1 vs WereRabbits (EU) 2

Had luck been with ENDGEGNER, the first match and therefore the entire-semi-final might have ended up differently. Both teams attacked and countered in the right places, but WereRabbits timed theirs to be able to make the difference when it counted, slaying enemy warlords when they were on the verge of completing a capture. The second match was even closer, but this time ENGEGNER was able to push itself into taking a well-deserved victory to move the semi-final into a decisive third match. WereRabbits changed its tactics, to which ENDGEGNER seemed to have no answer. A well-deserved victory for WereRabbits, then, but it could have been a very different outcome.

3rd place play-off: Exiles (RU) 2 vs ENDGEGNER (EU) 1

Having won the first match without too many problems, halfway through the second, with double the points and two flags secured, ENDGEGNER looked like surefire 3rd place winners. Then Exiles pulled off an unlikely victory by taking the outer control points and slowly but surely wearing ENDGEGNER down. As good as Exiles were in turning the match around, in some ways ENDGEGNER were the architects of their own downfall, almost repeating the mistakes of the semi-final by losing the decider rather too tamely.

Final: Chaos (RU) 1 vs WereRabbits (EU) 3 

We entered the climax of the competition with two very deserving finalists. Between them it was Chaos that enjoyed the better start, winning the first battle by doggedly holding onto the central control point despite being outnumbered, then, consolidating on its position to enjoy a measured win. 

The second battle, in comparison, was a brutal slog, at the end of which both teams seemed less interested in tactics and were fighting more out of a sheer desire to win. In that attempt, WereRabbits drew themselves level, with the third match following in much the same intensity, before settling into a more structured flow of attack and counter-attack during which Chaos seemed to lose its cohesion.

Chaos was however resurgent in the fourth battle - it had to be - but WereRabbits could sense victory. For the first ten minutes, the honours were even - both sides determined to have the advantage. Had Chaos not divided its attention late on, it might have been able to sneak a win, but in relinquishing the centre-ground Chaos ceded the battle at a crucial moment and WereRabbits were victorious with a match to spare. 

Final results:

  • 1st: WereRabbits
  • 2nd: Chaos 
  • 3rd: Exiles 
  • 4th: ENDGEGNER

Well done to all our finalists, all four which will be awarded Premium Account time and Sovereigns - in increased amounts for the higher placed teams, alongside Silver and Collector’s Packs for participating members. As the ultimate winners WereRabbits have also earned the right to rename a city in their honour - the details of which will be revealed in due course.