When all hope is lost, and the fires of dissent endlessly burn, heroes must rise from the ashes. Where duplicity and conflict beset the Queen and her knights, bravery and trust now supplant them and bring light to the gloom. This is the legend of Conqueror’s Blade: Avalon.

Within the Queen’s realm, three legions of courageous soldiers live to protect their monarch and her land. Caradoc’s Cavalry patrols the borders, prepared to charge at a moment's notice towards anyone who dares to challenge the crown. Perceval’s Royal Guard defend the castle fearlessly, ready to use their spears to repel intruders. The Queen’s Knights are the most noble of all. They train to join the Round Table and, through heroic deeds, etch their names in legend.

These soldiers need a leader. Not everyone is destined for a knight’s life; only the most noble can take up the sword and fight for what’s right. 

Pledge to the quest in Conqueror’s Blade: Avalon, available as a free update on December 14.