Pick up Unit Bundles from the blazing Season V: Legacy of Fire and the defiant Season IX: Tyranny for 70% off from the in-game Store from December 7–21 (08:00 server time).

Tyranny Unit Bundle 

  • Speed into battle with the Outriders, mounted rebels with the power to launch explosive javelins at opponents. 
  • Brace for chaos with the fearsome Axe Raiders by your side. This band of unlikely soldiers defend themselves with tools that once worked the land.

*The Tyranny Unit Bundle does not include the Shenji Grenadiers.

Legacy of Fire Unit Bundle

  • The twisted firestarters known as the Zykalian Militia defend their leader and deter enemies with their incendiary skills.
  • Symmachean Stalwarts pride themselves on their dangerous offensive capabilities, as well as their troop-blocking potential. 
  • The chivalric knights of the Symmachean Paladins heal their brothers and sisters on the battlefield, while packing an offensive punch.
  • If superior firepower is your goal, the flamethrower-wielding Siphonarioi are your best bet in a fight.

Note: Each Bundle is subject to a purchase limit of one. Any Units already owned will be converted to Unit Medals.