Since its inception, Conqueror's Blade has been committed to delivering new Seasons of content regularly. This focus is not inherently misguided, but our journey thus far has been marred by a lack of refinement and polish, resulting in crashes and frustrating lag that overshadows the launch of new Seasons, and our aspirations have been gradually losing their luster due to technical setbacks.

The Players

Conqueror's Blade thrives on the passion of our dedicated players. Your invaluable feedback has shown us the areas where we fall short. We acknowledge that we have lacked self-reflection, and this has caused discord among our cherished player base.

We are especially grateful to those who shared their insights during the China Joy Shanghai 2023 Players Meetup held in late July. It was one of the key elements that helped point us in the right direction. 

Following this period of introspection, we have fulfilled our promise by forming a new, fully dedicated Optimisation Team. This endeavor is named "Project Nirvana" and will launch alongside the new Season. Our goal is clear: we aim to rectify past mistakes and make Conqueror's Blade the best it can be!

A Wave Of Optimisations

In our pursuit of excellence, we have undertaken several significant optimisations:

PvE Content Revamped

We've heeded your concerns about the overwhelming volume of PvE content and its detrimental effect on your gaming experience. To address this, our designers have immersed themselves in a month-long PvE marathon to better understand your perspective. With the Knightfall Season, we will integrate and enhance daily and weekly quests, streamlining the rewards and objectives. Unique PvE drops will be replaced with daily/weekly quest rewards, featuring the versatile Supply Tokens that can be exchanged for various items.

Performance Enhancement

Our programmers have rigorously tested the game on various gaming rigs to pinpoint performance bottlenecks. This has led to improvements in art assets, resulting in reduced VRAM usage and a more streamlined game client. We're committed to enhancing stability and reducing crashes.

Unit Balancing

Unit stat values will continue to undergo refinements, with regular changes planned to enrich gameplay and strategic depth.

Our Pledge To You

The Conqueror's Blade team pledges the following:

Performance Optimisation

We will diligently work on improving frame rates, reducing VRAM and RAM usage, enhancing stability, and minimising crashes. We will enhance network connections and frame rates for a clearer gaming experience. Our focus includes ensuring smooth gameplay on lower-end systems and laptops.

More Exciting Changes Await

Beyond these optimisations, we have exciting plans:

  • Changes to Territory War
  • Unit & Hero Balance Adjustments
  • Progression Difficulty Decrease for New Accounts
  • And much more!

Join Us On The Journey

The Conqueror's Blade development team will share more details with the community soon about our optimisation plans. Our programmers and designers will also embark on online and offline meetups with the community in the near future to hear feedback and share information. Stay tuned for details!

Thank you for your support and love for this game,

The Conqueror's Blade Development Team