Devote yourself to the Order of the Sword in Conqueror’s Blade: Knightfall, the new Season available now as a free update! 

Pledge yourself as an acolyte and fight alongside your brothers in a new Seasonal Campaign, unlock brand-new Units, earn exclusive rewards from the Knightfall Battle Pass, and celebrate with launch events and sales.

Unlock Seasonal Units

Battle alongside the Brotherhood and unlock the following new Seasonal Units via Unit Challenges:

  • Schutzdieners (3-Star)Available Now: This Unit can heal and harm, making them the ideal companion on the battlefield.
  • Kriegsbruders (4-Star)Coming September 25: Command the first sword and shield Cavalry Unit in Conqueror’s Blade to devastate the enemy.
  • Zweihanders (5-Star)Coming October 9: This Unit’s two-handed greatswords excel at smashing through frontline formations. 

Knightfall Battle Pass: Earn Exclusive Free & Premium Rewards

Prove chivalry isn’t dead and earn rewards fit for a true knight of the Order of the Sword. Over 100 levels of Free and Premium rewards can be redeemed by completing Seasonal Challenges, earning Glory, and levelling up your Battle Pass. 

Adorn your new Teutonic-inspired Units with the Ritterbruder Unit Attire and ride into battle atop your noble steed in the Order Grandmaster’s Mount Set. Ascend to the rank of Grandmaster and claim the highest reward at Tier 100—Order Grandmaster Hero Attire.

Greycloak Zealot’s Hero Attire is granted as an instant reward when you purchase the Battle Pass in-game for 1,000 Sovereigns. Plenty more amazing rewards can be earned on the Free Pass, too!

Seasonal Campaign: Knightfall

Embark on a brand new journey in the Seasonal Campaign beginning in the Borderlands or Ostaria (and journey to Ungverija later on in the Season), and play every week to follow the story and secure your standing. Battle in twice-weekly Territory Wars (beginning September 19) with your House and complete Stages to prepare for the final fight in Conqueror's City at the end of the Season.

Season Launch Events & Sales 

  • Dive into New Doctrine Pools: A new Doctrine Excavation Site has reopened! Talk to the War Scholar and use your Treatises to find Javelin Doctrines until September 27.
  • Astrological Attire Chests: Unlock the contents of the Centauri Star and Glorious Sun Attire Chests with Golden Keys for a chance to receive the Centaur's Wrath Bow and Ordre du Ciel Hero Attire, Mount Set and Banner until September 27.
  • Peruse Attire Shop Updates: Check out the Attire Chest menu (‘G’), to behold the Antique Tyrannical Set, Antique Tattered Henchmen Unit Attire, and the Antique Undefeated Attire available until November 30.
  • Claim Twitch Drops: Watch Conqueror’s Blade Content Creators until September 20 to earn Twitch Drops including Greater Scrolls of Glory, Artificer’s Stones, pieces of the High Marshall Hero Attire and much more. Check out all the details here.
  • Colosseum Returns: Prove your battle prowess in the returning PVP mode—Colosseum. Fight in 6v6 battles on newly-adjusted maps until September 27.

Download and play Conqueror’s Blade: Knightfall today!

For more information about the new Season, check out the latest patch notes. New to the game? Conqueror’s Blade is available to download and play for free from the official website and Steam. Get the latest Conqueror’s Blade news by subscribing to the official newsletter and connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Discord.