Conqueror’s Blade: Knightfall features three new Seasonal Units to add to your ranks, inspired by the knights of the Teutonic Order.

The Schutzdieners are the first Unit available to unlock and command. They take their inspiration from the merciful combat medics who formed the Knights Hospitaller, whose legacy continues to this day via such organisations as St. John’s Ambulance.

We spoke to the Lead Combat and Balance Designer at Booming Tech about all things Knightfall Units, from their historical inspiration to their tactical viability, beginning with the Schutzdieners (3-Star Unit)!

Q: The Schutzdieners are battlefield medics; what made you want to add a new healing Unit to the game?


A: The battlefield was missing a Unit that supported frontline positions from the rear. Other healing Units such as the Bagpipers and Alchemists are only able to provide healing in dangerous areas.

Q: The Unit's unique trait is that they are long-range healers. How do you foresee them being used in battle effectively?


A: They must be led by a visionary commander and provide effective support to friendly forces before they are disadvantaged.

Q: The Knights Hospitaller were the medics of the Teutonic age, and after the establishment of their military arm, the Hospitallers grew into one of the most formidable fighting forces around. Is this merciful corps the inspiration for this Unit?


A: Yes. The Knights Hospitaller were active during the medieval period, and their ideals and beliefs have been passed down to this day and continue to influence philanthropic endeavours around the globe. I have the highest admiration for them, and often envision how such an order would have fought.

Q: Which specific Units are they strong and weak against?


A: They are not specific to the strengths and weaknesses of a particular Unit. They are strong when helping allies and weak against the enemy, and they always try to heal the sick and wounded.

Q: In a specific battle scenario, such as storming the final point, should the Schutzdieners be utilised more to harm, or to heal?


A: Definitely healing. Heal and defend was their motto.

Stay tuned for upcoming Behind The Scenes looks at the Kriegsbruders and Zweihanders!