Conqueror’s Blade: Knightfall descends, and you need to create a brand-new Emblem to celebrate the arrival of the new Season and prove your chivalric prowess.

Design a new Emblem, then submit your entry via our Discord. Check out the rules and prizes below, and make sure you enter before October 6 (23:59 CEST)!


The winning Emblem will be in with a chance of being added to the game and will net their designer 7,000 Sovereigns, and all the rewards below.

The top three will receive 3,500 Sovereigns, 60x Artificer’s Stones, 5x Random Scrolls of Mastery, and all the rewards below.

Designers who make it to the top five will earn 500 Sovereigns,3x Random Epic Artillery Chests, and will also receive the exclusive Title.

How to Enter

  • You need to create three individual pieces of artwork as part of the Emblem. The Frame, the Emblem, and the Shield.
  • Entries should be submitted via the Discord Channel. If you want to take part in the contest or any future contests, you have to choose a new role on our Discord server (Contest Hunter) via the new onboarding system.
  • Please include your character's name, MY.GAMES ID, and server name within your submission post. (We may ask for further evidence to prove that your entry was created by you.)
  • Dimensions and maximum file sizes are as follows.
    • Emblem - 256 x 256 - 100KB
    • Frame - 256 x 256 - 100KB
    • Shield - 256 x 256 - 100KB

You can find an example image below.

  • Entries must be received before October 6 (23:59 CEST).


  • Your Emblem must not contain any gore, blood, nudity or skulls.
  • Must not contain any religious symbols
  • Must not contain any real countries' sigils/symbols (existing and historical)
  • Must not contain any trademarked logos
  • The overall design must fit within the fictional/medieval/ancient/possible fantasy realm
  • Must fit within the world of Conqueror's Blade (no aeroplanes, future technology, cars)
  • You must provide PNGs in the dimensions mentioned above (256 x 256)
  • Upon winning, you will be asked to provide the Photoshop file with necessary layers for the development team to use with a view to implementing it into the game.