Three brand-new Seasonal Units are coming to Conqueror’s Blade: Knightfall, starting on September 14. The third and final Unit that will be available to unlock are the most skilled fighters in the Order of the Sword: Zweihanders (5-Star Unit).


  • Dispersed: The Unit spreads out to lessen damage.
  • Column: A narrow formation effective for charging.

Unit Traits

  • Perseverance: Continuous attacks cannot be interrupted by control effects other than Disrupt.
  • Repulse: Ordered attacks can repel enemy infantry, increase the damage the target takes by 10%, and reduce the target's slashing defence by 100 points. These effects stack up to five times.
  • Fire-Resistant: The Unit is more difficult to set ablaze.
  • Schwertbrueders: Leadership costs are reduced by 10 during the Knightfall Season.

Unit Orders

  • Prepared Stance: Order the Zweihanders to prepare for battle, and they will heal 2% of their Health while active. Once health is at full, max health and slashing damage are increased by 30% for 7 seconds.
  • Knight's Defence: The Unit blocks enemy melee attacks and attacks with its swords, and grants immunity to control effects.
  • Knight's Gambit: The Unit makes five powerful attacks and gains immunity to CC effects during the scuffle.

Unlock the Zweihanders via new Unit Challenges in Conqueror’s Blade: Knightfall when they arrive on October 9.

IMPORTANT: This article is accurate as of the time of publication but is subject to change.