Grab Unit Bundles from Season VI: Scourge of Winter and Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok at 70% off from the in-game Store until August 24 (08:00 server time)!

  • Scourge of Winter Unit Bundle: Fight in frosty style with the Landsknechts, Armiger Lancers, and Liaos Rangers. (Purchase Limit: 1)
  • Wolves of Ragnarok Unit Bundle: Prepare for the end of the world with the Sons of Fenrir, Berserkers, and Shieldmaidens. (Purchase Limit: 1)

Play this weekend and be rewarded for putting your new Units through their paces with a 50% Unit XP Boost!

  • Starts: August 11, 00:00 (Server Time) 
  • Ends: August 13, 23:59 (Server Time)
  • Boost: +50% to Unit XP

This XP boost does not apply to Heroes, only your valiant warriors.