Unit Mastery arrived with Conqueror’s Blade: Sengoku, and while it has been active in-game for some time now, you may still be wondering how it works. Well, never fear, the ultimate guide is here!

Let's delve deeper into the ‘who, what, how, when, which, and why’ of Unit Mastery.

How To Use Unit Mastery On Your Units

You can obtain Scrolls of Mastery which are used to increase your Units' Mastery level via the Mastery Commander PVE Mode and the Honour Store. If you want to know how many Scrolls of Mastery are needed to level up a specific Unit’s Mastery, head to their Mastery UI where you can now see where more Scrolls of Mastery can currently be obtained (active PVE Modes etc.)

Every Mastery point has different level-up requirements. The highest Mastery Level is 8.

Head to the Barracks to upgrade eligible Units. Click the checkbox in the top-middle of the screen within the Barracks UI to see Units whose Mastery has been activated, then select Units with active Mastery to upgrade their Mastery level.

What Does Unit Mastery Do?

A Unit's Mastery gradually unlocks as you level it up, enabling you to increase its attributes and alter its skills or mechanics. 

For example, levelling up the Unit Mastery for the Halberdiers will result in:

  • Increased Health
  • Increased Piercing & Slashing Defence
  • Increased damage dealt to Cavalry Units
  • Decreased damage sustained by Cavalry Units
  • And more! 

You can also Reset Unit Mastery on a specific Unit, which will return all Scrolls of Mastery spent via the Mastery Reset Card (available in the Seasonal Store). 

How Do I Unlock Unit Mastery?

The Unit Mastery System unlocks when you hit Level 35. 

If you select a Unit you've unlocked for which Mastery is available, you'll be met with the UI below.

A Unit's Mastery unlocks in stages based on its level. Train up your favourite Units and empower them so that currently underperforming Units can stand their ground in battle.

Which Units Are Eligible For Unit Mastery?

The following Units are eligible for Unit Mastery at the time of publication:

  • Imperial Pike Guards
  • Imperial Javelineers
  • Imperial Spear Guards
  • Ironcap Spearmen
  • Ironcap Swordsmen
  • Demesne Javelineers
  • Javelin Sergeants
  • Javelin Militia
  • Pike Militia
  • Prefecture Pikemen
  • Prefecture Guards
  • Mace Sergeants
  • Palace Guards
  • Halberdier Sergeants
  • Halberdiers

When Will More Units Be Added To Unit Mastery?

Only Units whose Mastery is activated can currently increase their Mastery Level. 

Unit Mastery will become available for more Units soon!