Pick up Unit Bundles from the sanguinary Season IV: Blood of the Empire and the incandescent Season V: Legacy of Fire with 70% off from the in-game Store from July 27 until August 10 (08:00 server time) and battle in historic style.

Blood of the Empire Unit Bundle 

The Blood of the Empire Unit Bundle contains the following classic corps:

  • The intrepid Janissaries are as fearless in battle as they are rich in rewards for their efforts
  • The town border guards known as Azaps use their kilij-type swords to protect their cities and their commanders. 
  • The Sipahis cavalry is feared by many, and their planned charges while wielding heavy steel maces are terrifying to behold.
  • The Silahdars swore an oath to protect their leader and seek to prove their prowess in battle.

Legacy of Fire Unit Bundle

Make history when you enter the battlefield with these soldiers of yore by your side: 

  • The twisted firestarters known as the Zykalian Militia defend their leader and deter enemies with their incendiary skills.
  • Symmachean Stalwarts pride themselves on their dangerous offensive capabilities, as well as their troop-blocking potential. 
  • The chivalric knights of the Symmachean Paladins heal their brothers and sisters on the battlefield, while also packing an offensive punch.
  • If firepower is your goal, the flamethrower-wielding Siphonarioi are your best bet in a fight.

Note: Each Bundle is subject to a purchase limit of one.Any Units already owned will be converted to Unit Medals.

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